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Surgeons for Surgeons

Surgeons for Surgeons is the brainchild of Dr Parul Shukla, MD. He is the Vice Chief, Section of Colon & Rectal Surgery at Weill Cornell Medicine and Medical Director of the surgical step-down unit at Weill Cornell Medical Center. He envisioned a social networking platform that would connect surgeons worldwide to share vital information and stay up to date with the latest developments and cases in real-time. The motivation lies in his vision that surgeons can now assist their counterparts and build an online community dedicated to saving lives and sharing information liberated from geographical limitations via this platform.

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Tech Stack

  • React

  • Express

  • Nginx

  • Node.js

Client Surgeons for Surgeons
Industry Healthcare
Services Provided Website Development, UI/UX Development, Branding

The Challenge

Some pertinent challenges we identified were:

  • 1

    The problem of verifying doctors on the platform. We need to create an extensive verification form/method to ensure that only genuine doctors can register and are onboarded on the platform.
  • 2

    How do we foster interaction between doctors based on the details that they enter when they register on the platform?
  • 3

    Confidentiality of the data (videos, images) shared on the platform.
  • 4

    Can we create more engagement by adding features such as Job opportunities and a user-generated content feed for doctors to encourage them to invest in the platform?
  • 5

    Can we create a feature that will help doctors post any emergency or crisis they face so that they can get help from other doctors of the same speciality on the platform?
  • 6

    Can we create a feature that will help doctors obtain information to expand their knowledge of their current/other fields?