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Managing Product planning and development to create products and features that customers love.

From idea to deployment, we provide hands-on consulting support to build your products.

Product Management

We have deep expertise in a wide variety of technologies used for web development. From frontend frameworks like Angular and React to Node in the backend, we have experience in creating websites with the latest tools and technologies. If you prefer a specific technology, let us know, and we will incorporate it.

Our Services

The five-step process we follow when offering our product management services to plan, develop and ship features and products for our clients

Vision Development

In this phase, our product management team understands the business and identifies the goals and long-term vision for the product. We address questions such as, what problem does the product exactly solve? What are the success metrics we can track to measure the utility and engagement of the product?

Market Research

Understanding current trends in the market or specific industry for which we develop the product is crucial. Present or potential customers are identified and studied to understand user behaviour. Creating user personas, studying user needs and analysing product features of similar products in the market are all conducted in this phase.

Strategy Development

Based on the product vision and market research, an effective strategy or roadmap is developed that notes the final specifications with a timeline for the various stakeholders to read and follow throughout the product life-cycle.

Execution and Testing

This is the execution phase where the product is developed, followed by a Minimum Viable product release and user acceptance testing. After multiple iterations and tests conducted, the final product is developed and deployed.

Sales and Marketing

It is now time to enter the market with the product. The product team defines the go-to-market strategy by creating a pricing strategy, defining the time of product release and building customer awareness.