Ed-Tech Industry


Glidin is an Ed-Tech start-up focused on solving a grave issue that Indian graduates face. They are aiming to tackle the problem of Job readiness post completion of the undergraduate degree. Most college students, particularly those from engineering, do not have the adequate technical skills to be employed by the industry. The industry needs to invest substantial resources to train fresh graduates before onboarding them. Glidin aims to bridge the gap between academia and the industry by creating an ecosystem that focuses on teaching the students in-demand skills with their college curriculum. The vision is to equip students with industry-ready skills via personalized learning paths, curated based on the aptitude and interest of the student.

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Tech Stack

  • React

  • Angular

  • Node

  • Firestore

Client Glidin
Industry Ed-Tech
Services Provided Admin portals, Website, Mobile app

The Challenge

Some pertinent challenges we identified were:

  • 1

    How do we keep the students engaged in the Glidin ecosystem?
  • 2

    Can we reduce the need for students to use multiple platforms for different activities related to studies, such as assignments and classwork?
  • 3

    How can we ensure the student stays interested in the chosen subjects?
  • 4

    For teachers, can we create a feature to address all the students from a branch or section at once?
  • 5

    Can we incorporate extracurricular events on the platform?
  • 6

    How can we incorporate a testing feature on the platform for students to progress from one level to another?
  • 7

    Can we develop a college portal for the administrative staff to engage with teachers and students?